Handling closed-end real estate funds requires experience and imagination. This is a pairing that leads to a deep understanding of clients' hardships and problems.

The management of a closed-end real estate fund is realized by the general manager or dispatcher. KKL oversees a number of closed-end real estate funds of different legal forms in their various functions.

A closed-end real estate fund is an enterprise with partners that have certain expectations of the management, including active control of transactions, regular reporting and a constant eye on optimizing the enterprise value. Many years of experience in the management of closed-end real estate funds, combined with real estate-oriented, legal and fiscal expertise, enable the KKL team to efficiently and cost-effectively take on management functions in the interest of the partners. We have every confidence in the KKL team’s abilities and therefore allow our clients to determine the contract length. The team’s expertise also ensures customer satisfaction. This philosophy has thus far always led to long-term cooperation.

This is one of KKL’s areas of expertise. Be it at the initiative of an advisory board or a partner, or as a consultant commissioned by the management – KKL works on the commercial reorganization of distressed real estate funds. After a precise analysis of the circumstances, a majority of the partners decide on the basis of data and facts whether the best course is economic restructuring or the application of the real estate asset. KKL’s extensive experience from a number of distressed funds makes it easier for all parties to get involved, as our work often starts at the point when others have already given up. This could be at a time when the divide between expectations and feasibility is just as great as the resistance of those involved to deal with options previously left unconsidered.

– Problem analysis
– Optimizing the options for acting
– Agreement with the banks issuing loans
– Arrangement of the necessary shareholders’ resolutions
– Restructuring or processing support

KKL often assists its clients on unconventional paths and leads them and their projects through critical waters with patience, stamina and perseverance.

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figures/ data/ facts

702,930.33 m² under managemts ;

residential and
business units
- of these about
condominium units
  and more than
60 investment companies with about
7,650 residential and business units,
38 million Euro annual rent,
650 million Euro equity
  and more than
7.000 shareholders