Gutburg Mieterservice operates nationwide, is represented at 13 locations, and currently manages around 9,500 apartments.

Gutburg Mieterservice is characterized by an up-to-the-minute, customer-oriented approach to real estate management. Offices at the locations of the real estate that it manages enable direct communication with tenants and owners. Competent and experienced contacts are on hand to deal with rental law, technical, and organizational matters, but also to provide interpersonal communication.

The result is a high level of employee identification with the company and its objectives and an awareness that the success of their work is a direct consequence of the results they achieve together. The range of services that Gutburg Mieterservice provides includes:

  • Continuous optimization of the price-performance ratio of maintenance or refurbishment. The range of expertise at the company enables qualified decisions to be made.
  • Clear guidelines on letting. The rent that can be earned determines the standard while at the same time safeguarding the investment (new and existing tenants).
  • Determining potential for rent increases by, for example, reducing utility costs, acquiring new tenants proactively, creating innovative floor plans that are designed to adjust the property to the challenges of demographic change, or opening up new potential by means of purposeful marketing.
  • Keeping day-by-day accounts that enable a constant overview of how tenants’ accounts are developing and of the overall progress of business (WODIS). This bookkeeping takes on the function of an early warning system at the company (cost increases, imminent defaults, etc.).
  • High quality of master data carefully maintained. Both make a crucial contribution toward eliminating sources of error. Every potential tenant is checked for creditworthiness before the rental agreement is signed, thereby keeping bad debt losses to a minimum.
  • A consistent regard for homogeneous corporate structures that contributes to a quality of Gutburg tenants that is characterized by long-term ties and punctual payments.

In short – property management that has already taken on board the requirements of the future.

Mittwoch, 02. Dezember 2020  

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