This area of activity took shape as an asset management instrument in its present form back in 1999/2000.

At a time when asset management, especially of residential real estate, was still in its early days in Europe, KKL Immobilienmanagement’s expertise already covered the entire service chain: from the purchase of a property and its development via active management to the sale.

Managing real estate at optimal unit costs, being fully aware of the requirements of the banks that provide the funding, being able to provide up-to-date daily information about the cash flow situation and the portfolio’s further development has all been a part of KKL Immobilienmanagement’s day-to-day work since its inception.

As a rule, “buy and hold” used to be the real estate business’s basic principle until a recent phase when it was driven by the “buy and sell” principle. Today, success and prosperity are based on “buy and do.”

Early alignment with the market’s entire spectrum is now bearing fruit – fruit that KKL Immobilienmanagement’s clients are harvesting.

The future belongs to those who put work into their real estate. And KKL Immobilienmanagement is well prepared to do just that.

Mittwoch, 02. Dezember 2020  



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