Profitable handling of commercial real estate follows laws of its own. Individual care, targeted acquisition and speed are just a few of the criteria that characterize KKL’s work on its clients’ behalf.

Commercial and residential properties are often combined in one portfolio, yet their uses are different and come from different areas, each with different requirements.This is a balancing act that property owners often try to avoid by separating areas of responsibility – but with scant benefit for the further development of the overall portfolio.

To be successful at this interface you do not just need to understand the language of commercial real estate, you need to be able to speak it. KKL can – as one entrepreneur dealing with other entrepreneurs.

The benefits for KKL clients:

  • Stabilization and maximization of cash flow by means of long-term tenant loyalty in the commercial real estate sector
  • Permanent market and location analysis
  • Project development – including technical standards
  • Individual customer care at 13 locations around Germany
  • Management of maintenance and repairs
  • Regular Reporting

In brief, KKL manages the real estate that is placed in its care as if it were its own.

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