Whether a property is lucrative is determined not just by its acquisition. Its value depends to a large extent on the quality of its management. On the figures, that is, that must be available to the owner, to financiers, and to decision makers fully, precisely, and in due time. That applies to the smallest properties and to large real estate portfolios in equal measure.

Every property must be managed like a business. Trends must be recognized, counter-measures must be initiated when developments go wrong, and their success must be calculated. That can only be ensured by swift access to the management data. And by a systematic approach that indicates trends and permits comparison scenarios over a wide range of periods.

That is why the management summary with its core data on liquidity, vacancy and rent trends, and a target-performance comparison is a matter of course and why detailed reporting right down to the individual economic unit must be possible.

KKL has devised a reporting system that brings your property’s parameters to life. It is highly automated, specialized software that undergoes constant further development. Detailed, day-by-day bookkeeping and reconciliation with proven liquidity are the building blocks of the precise figures that make up the report. It supports annual financial statements according to both HGB and IFRS so that the person who draws up the balance sheet can import the data electronically without complications.

The KKL Report is customized to meet each client’s individual requirements and geared in presentation, data depth, and reporting frequency to what the client wants. Here are the benefits:

  • Timely disclosure of good and bad developments
  • Transparency for all concerned
  • Reduced costs for the preparation of financial statements
  • In the event of disposal swift availability of basic data for the due diligence and the track record

Not only real estate owners but also equity partners and financiers need to be able to rely on the success of the investment. Transparency is the basis of all trust. Qualified, regular and, above all, consistent reporting creates clarity, satisfies information requirements, and ensures confidence on the part of all concerned.

Would you like to check out a KKL Report? No problem. You can see for yourself by clicking on the information offer on the right. Explanations will help you to apply it to your own portfolio and will give you an impression of the prospects that a KKL Report can open up for your investment.

Samstag, 11. Juli 2020  


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